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Reload Thread: ... does anything ever happen in jax?

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    Re: ... does anything ever happen in jax?

    Not in JAX, but there's plenty of shows all over florida throughout the year. There was a 2X db drag in fernandina, that's close to JAX...and I'm sure there will be more coming up in gainesville and then florida state finals later in the year.

    From orlando and north, there was probably 15 - 20 db drag events last there will be plenty this year to.

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    Re: ... does anything ever happen in jax?

    Where in Jax are you? Usually we have a show here and there, usually Slap or Iasca. PM me with what area u r in

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    Re: ... does anything ever happen in jax?

    June 2006

    I used to live in Jax, nothing ever goes on there. There is an annual iasca show there in the late summer, that's about it.

    Don't forget about, everything is listed there and also has a forum.

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