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Reload Thread: Review: Two 15 Inch SSA Xcons off AQ2200D

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    Review: Two 15 Inch SSA Xcons off AQ2200D

    So, I gave the Xcon's a good workout today and figured I'd give my review.

    First off, they were in a ported box, tuned @ 29hz, 9.64ish cuft. Two 6 inch aeros, ran off of a AQ2200d, 2200 @ 1 ohm.

    These subs are rated 1750 rms a piece, so I wasn't even running rms to em.
    .. They def don't need 1750 to get loud.

    Unfortunately, I'm not a mega SQ guy, so I can't get all kipple graph and stuff like that but I can say these subs rocked my car inside and out. Very loud. Excellent low end extension. Sounded better to me than my previous HDC3 15's.

    If you are an SQ guy and want to get loud, have a lot of power on tap and are worried about blowing lesser sq woofers, look no further. I bet you will be incredibly satisfied. These are def loud enough for anyone's average daily driver. If you're used to 4kw plus, you may be wanting more. But for 2,000 rms, it seems like the sweet spot. Just starting to hurt my ears, but only one amp required.

    Next project: Four Fi BL 15's off 4kw. Wee


    1999 Pontiac Grand AM SE
    Kenwood KDC-X991
    CDT 3-Way Setup
    ES-01 Tweets
    HD-4 & M6 Mid/Midwoof
    JL 300/2
    Two AQ HDC3A 15's
    Two AQ2200D
    CnD Batt in Trunk
    Stinger Isolator
    250 Amp H.O. Alt Mechman

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    Re: Review: Two 15 Inch SSA Xcons off AQ2200D

    Nice review. They get overlooked because they are SQ drivers, but they will get loud as hell. If it's your daily driver and you listen to music you would be hard pressed to find better, IMO.
    There is more to life then 43hz. I love the XCONS!

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    Re: Review: Two 15 Inch SSA Xcons off AQ2200D

    Thanks for posting a review. mod(original)

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