Today we ran tests on the Skar Audio LP-200.1AB with our new SMD AD-1 Amplifier Dyno to test its actual power output in the most precise way possible.

The Certified Run Results are the most accurate of all 3 tests using the AD-1 and measures clean RMS Power output from the amplifier (non-distorted signal).

We are very happy with the results from this first test and notice that the models are rated at 14.4v, yet we are seeing rated power at an even lower voltage during these certified runs! At a voltage closer to 14.4v these will do well over rated power.

Model : LP-200.1AB

Certified Power Run Results

Power @ 1 Ohm : 198 Watts (11.99v)
Power @ 2 Ohms : 107 Watts (11.12v)
Power @ 4 Ohms : 56 Watts (11.23v)

We also threw in a Dynamic Test Run for fun to see what burst power was up to the point of distortion at 1 Ohm. The Result (2nd picture) - 352 Watts @ 1 Ohm (11.99v).