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Reload Thread: Skar Audio "Vindictive" VD Series Shallow Woofer Line - ETA : 7/31/13

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    Skar Audio "Vindictive" VD Series Shallow Woofer Line - ETA : 7/31/13

    New Product Announcement : We have been working hard on creating a more space friendly subwoofer that still encompasses the power handling capabilities of the VVX Subwoofer line and today we are proud to announce we have finished the final prototype of the all new "Vindictive" Series 500 Watt RMS Shallow mount subwoofer!

    The VD (Vindictive) Series will come in 8"/10"/12" sizes and feature a high grade paper cone and versatile foam surround.

    ETA : VD ("Vindictive") Series - August 25th, 2013.

    The production models will look identical to the photo you see below however they will have black stitching and will have the tooled Skar Audio magnet boot.

    Estimated MAP Pricing

    VD-8 = $139.99
    VD-10 = $149.99
    VD-12 = $159.99

    Pre-order information will be posted within a week or two as these are still quite awhile out! We just wanted to let our supporters know that we do have this line coming asap as production have began!!

    Owner / Skar Audio

    Production has finished on the VD line! We are expecting these to arrive August 25th! Only 1 month away! Pre-order today and save huge at

    Check out the finished pictures below - these are some little monsters!





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    Re: Skar Audio "Vindictive" VD Series Shallow Woofer Line - ETA : 7/31/13

    I want to get VD.

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    Re: Skar Audio "Vindictive" VD Series Shallow Woofer Line - ETA : 7/31/13

    How does this compare to, say, this? Just curious

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    Re: Skar Audio "Vindictive" VD Series Shallow Woofer Line - ETA : 7/31/13

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatChevyGuy View Post
    I want to get VD.

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