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Reload Thread: Skar Audio T-Series Amplifiers - New 5 Channel's and More!

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    Skar Audio T-Series Amplifiers - New 5 Channel's and More!

    In addition to all of the other NEW lines we have been announcing lately, we are introducing a new line of amplifiers completely separate from any series we currently make.

    The focus of this new T-Series was centered around the 5 Channel's, and we added a few monoblocks for those of you looking to run matching amplifiers. We made these monoblocks in sizes that will compliment some other monoblocks we make but in different power ranges.

    New Models

    -T-60.4AB-500.1D (5 Channel)
    -T-60.4AB-200.1D (5 Channel)
    -T-1400.1D (Monoblock)
    -T-2000.1D (Monoblock)

    ETA : Sept 13'

    Pricing : TBA

    We will be posting full specs as well as testing videos on these amplifiers very soon to our website, meanwhile please see the pictures below. These put out true RMS Power and then some! We are super excited to launch this line. Production on these will begin very soon and we are expecting to have them to sell around mid Sept 13'!


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    Re: Skar Audio T-Series Amplifiers - New 5 Channel's and More!

    just removed the c ehh

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    Re: Skar Audio T-Series Amplifiers - New 5 Channel's and More!

    Please lose the LED strip on the top. It makes it look like flea market junk. Otherwise, looks good and there's definitely a market for 5 channels if the price is right.

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    Re: Skar Audio T-Series Amplifiers - New 5 Channel's and More!

    What I would like to see is a decently rated 3 channel.. 75+ x 2 + 1k+ mono. I think that would fill a big need for people running only a front stage and sub stage. (As many on the forums do) Not every wants to upgrade alt and battery etc... and ~1k-1200 watts is about the max of safe power on most stock set ups. I believe it would be a good sell to those wanting a decent amount of power without electrical upgrades.

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    Re: Skar Audio T-Series Amplifiers - New 5 Channel's and More!

    Agree, ditch the led

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