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Reload Thread: 2001 Pontiac Grand AM GT All Skar Audio Build

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    2001 Pontiac Grand AM GT All Skar Audio Build

    Posting on behalf of Kaleb A representing Team Skar Audio / Wicked Kustomz!

    Awesome job on the install and good luck at Slamology!


    My name is Kaleb Amstutz and I am part of Wicked Kustomz with Robert Ohman. Here are a bunch of pictures of my current build I recently finished in my 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT. It sounds great so far and I will have it on a meter this weekend to see what it will do. I will be representing Skar hard for you at Slamology this weekend. Feel free to use these photos however you like. Here is the list of everything in the car.

    VXI65 component set
    two PAX 10's
    four super tweeters
    four PAX 6.5s
    RPX 6x9s
    two ZVX 12s
    one SK4500.1
    Two SK125.4s

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    Re: 2001 Pontiac Grand AM GT All Skar Audio Build

    U could have done so much more in my opinion. My wife had one of those cars and I made her sell. Those cars are just plain ugly. Just being real.

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    Re: 2001 Pontiac Grand AM GT All Skar Audio Build

    Im sure kevin didnt do the install himself anyway.

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