Hey everyone,

Wanted to make a quick post as well as video before I head out to CES on Tuesday for the week! The video covers a lot of the main topics I will write about in short, but overall just really excited for the new year and everything we plan on launching for you guys in it :-)

As many of you know, we are launching quite a few new lines in February. The VVXv2 Subwoofers will be launching around Feb 20th as production just wrapped up and they are due to ship any day. We will not be doing a pre-order on the V2's but if you have been following our YouTube channel you will see why we are so excited to get them in! We are also launching the SK-1200.1D and SK-125.4D Amplifier lines in Mid Feb! A pre-order is open on the amps so don't miss out on those! Also on pre-order we have the new Skar Audio OFC Power Wire lines (1/0, 4 Gauges) arriving with the VVXv2 shipment.

Something we haven't really talked to much about but have been working very hard on is the new full coaxial line up as well as the Super Tweeters! I mentioned them in the video below, but I am personally thrilled at how both of these new lines are performing in prototype testing. The full coaxial line up as well as the super tweeters are due to arrive in Feb, and we will be posting more information on them soon, as well as a possible last minute pre-order!

That pretty much covers a lot of the news in the video, however a few things I wanted to mention as well are...1! We are going to be working harder then ever in the new year to not only launch new products on top of all these, but continue to improve on existing lines in any way possible!

Happy New Year!