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Reload Thread: Got my VVX-10s!

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    Re: Got my VVX-10s!

    Glad to hear you guys are happy

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    Re: Got my VVX-10s!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sebaslegrand View Post
    Bumping this (somewhat) old thread, you bought the same subs as I did and you say you have a saturn, which is good because I also have one ^^
    I need to know if you have plans of your box and dimensions so I can get someone here to make one? Shipping to canada would kill me so I'll need a local builder. You said you had them at 3 cubes @ 30 hz but do you have more specific dimensions, photos or even plans?

    Thanks !
    Skar built the box to whatever specs they use. You would have to get the dimensions from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zako View Post
    Most properly done 15 inch subwoofers are not suited for car audio use simply due to box size requirements.

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    Re: Got my VVX-10s!

    Thanks! I'll send Kevin a message for the box specs and see if he either can build me it and arrange a no-shipping fee process of some sort which would probably not be possible, or take his measurements and get it build here by someone.

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    Re: Got my VVX-10s!

    Where are you in quebec? If you are close to the border, you can probably get it shipped to the US in a town close to you, then drive down and pick it up.

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