I am Joe Wallis, the Southern Plains Rep for PHD as well as North American Team PHD Coordinator. I wanted to come on here and other forums to let you guys know what is happening with PHD currently.

PHD no doubt has a presence here, as evidenced by the Vendor designation set up by Geoff, aka ge_off_me. PHD appreciates the strides that Geoff has done in regards to getting the word out about PHD.

I have been talking to the US distributor, Mike Allen of Home Run Enterprises, and we have decided to let everyone know where PHD is heading in the United States.

As some of you know, PHD (Welcome in PHD) is an Italian company that hand builds each and every speaker in house. These are truly hand built, not just hand assembled speakers. They utilize some of the lightest and stiffest materials to comprise their cones with some lines having CNC-Milled baskets and tweeter enclosure/cups. Up until about July of 2012, PHD didn't really have a US Market, although back in the early 2000's, they had a distributor for a few years, then dropped out of sight.

PHD is now back, and better than ever.

Currently there are dealers in these states: Indiana and Kentucky, Ohio, New Mexico, with pending dealers in Guthrie, Lawton Oklahoma, one pending in Colorado, and another pending in El Paso. I consider this excellent due to the diligence expressed by Mike Allen and the other reps of PHD. We are ever expanding! If we are not in your area, rest assured we will be soon. If you are in a state that doesn't yet have a dealer, please contact Mike Allen at mra.0821(at) and he can direct you to the closest dealer. If for some reason you cannot reach Mike, please don't hesitate to contact me at TeamPHDUSA(at) I will get you an answer asap.

Again, we want to thank Geoff (aka ge_off_me) for bringing PHD to the forefront of the forum and generating tons of interest. If in Ohio, Geoff is the man that can get you some product!

I do not know of other reps, but, my coverage is approx 300mi in any direction of Oklahoma City (Kansas City North, DFW South, Little Rock East, and Amarillo West). Another rep has the rest of Texas south of DFW.

If you are a dealer and are interested in product, you can contact Mike and he will direct you to the rep covering that area or if no rep is available, he will talk to you personally.

Thank you for your continued interest in PHD. We will be hitting a dealer near you!

Very best regards,

Joe Wallis