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Reload Thread: Don't go to TAS Electronics in Toledo

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    Don't go to TAS Electronics in Toledo

    Today I needed to pick up some 8 gauge ring terminals, I would normally order this stuff online but I didn't want to have to wait. So I decided to go to the closest car audio store around me TAS on telegraph rd.
    After standing waiting for 10 minutes while the 1 person working there was on the phone arguing about whether another customer paid her bill or not then giving up and having her come to the store. he proceded to walk in the back cuss up a storm. When he came back he got me my 2 8 gauge ring terminals he then told me the price was $5.34! Jesus Christ but i wanted them now so I paid for them I handed him a 10 and he gave me 6 dollars back.. he didn't have any change in the cash register.

    now I cant critique how there installation is but the place seemed like a joke to me and I would not go there

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    Re: Don't go to TAS Electronics in Toledo

    Ive seen that more so at Car stereo one, but yeah I only ever go there for small stuff that i need now, or if i just don't feel like waiting

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    Re: Don't go to TAS Electronics in Toledo

    Sry to all the dealers but shops exist to rip people off plain and simple.. Like it or not its the truth.

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    Re: Don't go to TAS Electronics in Toledo

    Go to a hardware store bro, hell even Menards sells ring terminals that size. It's only when you need something bigger than 4 that's that you'll have trouble finding...

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