Just printed the rule book today, and just started reading some of the rules, now since it would be my first time doing any competing, there are a few things that i hope you guys could verify for me, one is it say something about not using spray foam, resins duct tape treaded rod or piping, now i got spray foam in my trunklid i did that about 2 yrs ago, now does that mean i would have to get a new trunklid or would that bump me to a different class, or would it be a disqualification? And also its say inline fuses, but in the ruling it say that a circuit breaker is not a fuse, would that mean i could use a circuit breaker, or would i have to go and put inline fuses in. Now i was planning on turning the sub around and having one of my buddies make a partician around the sub making all of the sound firing into the cabin and leaving no sound in the trunk, now if i were to do that would it put me in a different class, disqualification, or what, because i dont what to spend the time and money, in making it, and showing up down there and finding out that i cant compete with it lol. So if you guys could help me out with this situation it would be awesome, thanks