Ok, I know this is a long way off but this is the Regional Final that anyone who wants to compete in MECA Finals needs to attend as per the new rules for 2011. This will cover anyone who lives in Md, Pa, NY, NJ and Del. With the 3X MECA event there will be a 2X IASCA event and a new event....

WINNER TAKE ALL "Minute to Win It" competition. 1 minute continuous average SPL at the dash with the windows and doors closed. If there is a tie it will be at the dash with the passenger door open.

There is also going to be a Top 20 SQ round that is ontop of the MECA and IASCA SQ shows where 1-5 take home prize money.

Look for more details as we get closer but I am lining up deals/discounts with a few of the local hotels. Flyer and website for preregistration to follow soon.