im doing a comp tomorrow.
it isnt me that is running it, it is East Coast Showdown
It is being held at Island Dragway in Hackettstown NJ.

I am running the DB section because when i caled up they had no idea how to do it. so im going there n helping out.

n e way heres the addy if n e one wants to come down
$30 for SPL

20 Island Road
Great Meadows, NJ 07838

I have no idea if im going to go by sub sizes, amperage ratings, or just do BASS race yet
will see when i know how many cars are there.
but n e way for ppl that are going, see u there.

ill respond back tomorrow bout the outcome
o yeah and the list of things
-Car Show
-SPL Show
-Drag Racng
-Bikini Contest
-DJ Competition
-and alot of FREE prizes (atleast thats what the guy said. haha