Hey im not very good with car audio and ive been researching but still dont trust my knowledge with ordering stuff online😐. I have some questions about the bl series subwoofers.

First off I have a 98 corolla and I will want some room in my trunk. So the 15 is probably out of the question.
I will probably be going with a hifonics amp I had one in my last system and i really liked it. Im gunna need to figure out which one will best work.

I dont know how to set up my system to match correctly. And I cant decide if I should go with the bl 12 or bl 10.
Is there a big difference in the two?
And I dont know if I should go with 1 ohm or 2 ohm. If someone wants to help me build my setup I would be very thankful.🙏

Here is a link.