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    what's up everyone new to the sight ....
    Question for the experts would having a singe ten (nvx)
    An two 8inch SD 2s work well together say if the 8s tuned
    To 100hz an the ten to 60hz or would they cancel each other

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    Re: Question?

    most people will tell you don't mix subs. i would say that also, but id be lying if i say it doesnt work. i have had a couple friends mix different sub sizes and most sounded alright. djinclined on youtube also used to have a 12 in sub and a 8 inch sub in the same box but seperate from each other. to be safe though jus use the same subs.

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    an welcome to the forums

    Sold To: Goodear and ATC_DJ
    Bought From: Dtrom and f1mclarenagr

    Build about to go down in my new 2006 Honda Crv
    Head Unit: pioneer deh 80prs, Front stage: Hertz HSK Components, Rear: Hertz dsk comps , Sub Stage: Tantric HD 10s, Sub Amp: AudioQue 3500.1, Highs Amp: AudioQue 120.4
    Electrical Consists of a Singer 200 amp alt, a Shuriken BT 80, two Crescendo Group 31s and lots of Execution Audio 1/0 Gauge.

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