I am a newb. Ok I used to be a dabbler in car audio years ago but its a new era in sound. The current project that brings me here is a 1992 Celica GT. My 16 year old daughter can drive and has her first car. And yes that scares the hell out of me. I am old. Anyway, it has a piece of crap am/fm cassette stocker with four crap stock speakers which two of the four are blown. This thing sounds about as good as a rabbit with a broken leg (if you don't know its not a pretty sound). So Dad being an audio junkie can't stand to listen to it, the sound is so bad that it makes rap sound good and everything else sound like crap, rap normally sounds like crap on the best systems. Just kidding I like rap music too. So it is getting a major league overhaul on a little league budget. First it is getting all new speakers. 2 4" two way speakers in the dash and 2 6.5" three ways in the back. Thinking about the Fosgate prime series speakers. I have in the past had great luck with fosgate and there price is right in the prime series. For the deck I am looking at one of the JVC multi-media player decks. Everything we own is on an Ipod so no need for a CD player. I am going to build her a sub box for either a 10 or 12 (see my dilemma under sub woofer section) with integrated amp rack. This is what I really like to do. I like working with wood/ fiberglass, and what ever else I can find. I have a very outdated Sony Xplod amp that will get us started. It was a great amp in its day and still works. It gives me the power to fire the Fosgate Prime Sub and can be switched later.

Anyways that's me and my project.