Im a Juggalo basshead! I also listen to trance!
I drive a 2006 chevy cobalt LS with no upgrades unfortunetally
im a Noob with some basic knowledge in power and electrical systems.
Im better off with repairing a computer!
I used to mountain bike and would love to get back to doing stuff "danny macaskill" does
I wish the autoban came to Canada! I like speed!

Now to the fun stuff!

I have a fosgate punch 201s 600w running bridged to a
12" xplod 400w rms 1300w peak dual voice coil. runnin 2ohm setup. in a sealed box facing up and towards the front on an angle. (best deep bass for my trunk, still testing. but might face rear with an angle, and put trunk insulation on the trunk lid to help the bass into the cabin.)
I just replaced my battery with a newer upgraded version of my old battery.
I was told that an 18" negative from amp to a solid ground mount is recommended with nut bolt and lock washer if possible.
I was recommended an 8 gauge from amp to battery with a 60A fuse, because of how short the distance from battery to amp was less than 3 feet I was okay with 8g.

I have in storage for my next vehicle 2x 10" alpine at 200w each with a rodek ra-250e 250w amp.

My next upgrades will be
2x 6x9 for rear. at least 150w 3in1.
2x 6" for front at least 150w 2in1.
New HU with bluetooth.