Hello to everyone. I am new to this site and in need of some car audio advice. I have a lot of car audio equipment but i dont know what is the best way to go about installing it. Here is a description of what I have installed in my car and what I am trying to install in my car.

2006 Chevy Malibu 2.2l 4cyl no Onstar with 6 speakers

Parts installed in car at this moment
Kenwood DPX308U Dual Din Sized CD reciever
Kenwood KAC-7201 AB Class 2 Channel 800W amplifier
JBL 9038 6X9 car speakers 2ohm 100W RMS for rear
Sony XS-GTX1641 4-Way GTX Series Coaxial Car Speakers 300W max 75watts RMS for front
New Kicker COMPVR 2007 12 inch subs

Brand new parts that i have but dont know how to incorporate in the car
KnuConcepts 4 gauge amp kit w 150 mini APL inline fuse w holder
RE Audio 1000.1 monoblock Amp
DHD Power Cruiser NTX-6000 2/3way electronic crossover
Power Acoustik 2 Farad 1000w Capacitor

I am planning to install the monoblock amp for my Kicker CompVR and use my Kenwood to power my 6x9 speakers. I want to also use the DHD crossover instead of the crossovers on the two amps. I bought the capacitor without doing any research and im reading that i should get rid of it and use a dry cell battery. If I do this what size dry cell battery do i need? I really don't want to spend 150 to 200 dollars on a dry cell. I was hoping that this $40 cap would work. Can anybody give me any suggestions about how i should install this equipment? What i should use and what i shouldn't use? Thanks for any help.