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Reload Thread: New ClassD freak, greetings earthlinks

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    Re: New ClassD freak, greetings earthlinks

    Alright, I took the advice and decided to go with just my two solo 12's . Is there a way I can add a resistor to the load to lower the impedance, or not a good idea?
    Also what about a passive crossover at the subs. I have a mtx 2in-3out xover, but I dont think its very efficient.
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    Re: New ClassD freak, greetings earthlinks

    Quote Originally Posted by flappert View Post
    Sorry for the confusion..... I was simply listing the equipment I have in my posession. I currently dont even have a head unit in my truck. Im riding around with a bosch jobsite radio. I took my system out a couple months ago. Im dying to put it back in....but first I need new mids and highs, and.... I guess either need one more solo 12, or ????? I also need to build a big ported box.
    As for the different subs, please excuse my ignorance. If I have 3 spkrs, 2solos 2ohm loads each, and say one spkr with a 4 ohm load(xplod), if I have these bridged(all pos together, all neg. together)
    where would cancellation come from. If they were in the same airspace, yes. But not the case.
    The two solos are going to draw twice the power each than the xplod, my amp cant tell its only seeing one load. If the spkrs were in a confined air space maybe. The only reason Im questioning this is because Ive heard many different combinations, If one spkr is reversed(polarity), yes than it will def. cancel others out. Ive had the matts for maybe 12 years, this is the first time in those 12 years I havent had the matts hooked up.

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