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Reload Thread: Help! I think i screwed up my amp!

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    Help! I think i screwed up my amp!

    I was replacing my amp with a different one. My previous amp had a metal ring on it that gets put on the screw that tightens a metal piece around the battery to keep it in place.

    So what happened was I put the ground cable in the slot of the power, and the power cable in the slot of the ground cable. The mix up was because my ground cable had a rubber protection on it and on it was written power cable. When I tried to connect that metal ring to the screw it sparked and startled me and it did that twice, then i connected it and my amp isn't on. There used to be a green light on the side and it doesnt turn on anymore! plz help! what happened?

    I also tried reconnecting my battery a few times but it didnt help.

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    Re: Help! I think i screwed up my amp!

    check under hood fuse and amp fuses. If all are fine you probably blew something in the amp.

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