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Reload Thread: Saying hi from Newark NJ.

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    Saying hi from Newark NJ.

    Well, I stopped driving for over 10 years for a multitude of reasons.

    And now, I'm about to start back up because I bought a truck, and I'm about to get my Mustang restored. So I'm saying to myself that I should get myself back into the knowledge ring. Used to read a lot of Car Audio & Electronics, but I guess they went out of business.

    Well a little about me. I'm from Newark NJ (so any car audio that I'm gonna buy, won't last too long anyway.....), and as said earlier, I gave up driving for a good while.

    I'm partial to Sony Products, but beyond the electronics (meaning speakers, and passive crossovers, etc.) I can take much of anything.

    If anyone has any good advice for my future endeavors, please lend a hand..

    Car that's being restored: 1971 Mustang.
    Truck that was bought: Chevy Tahoe.

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    Re: Saying hi from Newark NJ.

    Welcome to the site... Don't take anything to seriously and youll be fine... Sony has gone down hill by a lot since the 90's

    Western Rep.

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    Re: Saying hi from Newark NJ.

    pics of stang

    bought from ridinhi,vitveet,dbr,sicaudio and 99grandprixgt, and more ........... sold to player3,foomasta69, pitbull, brodiesel and dragnix 12887 traded with louisiana crx

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    nothing but a stock fosgate system with gps and back up camera lol
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    Re: Saying hi from Newark NJ.

    HI hope you will have a great time here. Nice to meet you, Welcome aboard!

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    Re: Saying hi from Newark NJ.

    welcome. Post pics of the mustang.

    You have a lot of room to work with in the Tahoe. Read through some build logs and as much as you can around here on the forum and you'll be off to a good start. I'd stay away from sony products now.

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    Re: Saying hi from Newark NJ.

    nice to see another newark member on here!! where in newark are you from?

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