Hello everyone, new to the forums. im trying to self teach myself to repair some old amps ..

current system in my 96 beretta z26. kewood HU / alpine 6x9 ( came in the car) factory kick panel speakers. Rockford fosgate 4600x/ 2 old school rockford 12 inch subs DVD 4 ohm coils.

Had the subs a few years and im sure they are much older, have pounded them with many amps and never let me down these old things kick.

Just bought the fosgate 4600x for 40 bucks couple weeks ago 60wRMSx4 great sounding amp crystal clear and WOW does it thump.

Amps to repair.
fosgate 4.6x ( owned for 2 years finally died) blown FETS/transistors whatever they are called LOL)

Fosgate 125.2 punch old school - recently purchased and doesnt turn on ( got parts on hold to order for it)

Pioneer 760W GM-X962 ( recently purchased with the punch 125.2. was blowing fused soon as power was connected. ( ordered parts, installed 6 fets, ran on battery charger last night for 2 hours no problems. Hooked up in the car today, got gains all setup and pounding great, went for a drive and lasted all of maybe 5 minutes and shut off, herd a sizzle noise fuses popped and smelled bad LOL... opened it back up and dont see anything obvious.. going to pull the fets tomorrow and test them, maybe thermal paste is the cause, possibly over heated it ....... Oppsss..

Im still learning and want to learn more, im pretty good with soldering small things and always been handy with anything and everything. Im motivated to learn because there is lots of old amps out there for cheap or free or some of my friends have had laying around for years and most of the repairs is so simple.

Still trying to get a punch 75 from a friend need to talk him out of it, and i just missed a good deal on a old punch 150 for 50 bucks working condition. i love my rockford, always been a fan. in the past 2 months or less ive recently started on a rockford kick to find and buy up all of them around my area i can get my hands on for cheap, eventually want to run my entire system off rockford amps, i have a variety of 4 channel and 2 channel ones now.

I have 2 chevy beretta's an 88 base / 96 z26. one is parked for winter but needs a system because i swapped it into my new one, and also have 2 other vehicles. by the end of this coming summer all my cars will be wired with rockford fosgate.