What's up guys? I've been lurking here for a little while, reading and learning and figured wtf, might as well join. I'm a car audio noob...I was always more interested in going faster. But now with my daily driver(06 Torrent w/ the Pioneer setup, I'm a Pontiac guy) I swapped in an AVH-P4300 and I'm drooling for more. Unfortunately, since I switched careers, have a mortgage, blah blah blah...cash is tight so it's a little bit, on a very small budget, at a time. But, with the way my torrent is set up, it's easy enough to pop stuff in...I have some ideas that are low cash/budget I'll have to run by and see what you guys think. I was thinking of Almani S5s in the back door panels and either the S7s in front or VIBE Audio Lite Airs that Sonic has on sale(although I'm not happy with them and not sure if they'll ever see my cash again). And of course swapping the sub out at some point etc etc etc. I do have an old car too(72 Pontiac LeMans) that is being built even slower lol...but I do what I can. Anyways, that's me, just saying hey.