I have a '96 Bronco that I'm starting some audio work on. I had previous systems that I installed in my Turbocoupe, so I'm not a noob per se. I have been out of the game about 10 years though. Certainly miss the car audio magazines, that is for sure!! The internet is great, but there is nothing like the feel of a magazine, kicked back in the garage at the bench drinking a brew on a break. LOL

Currently have an Eclipse head unit that I bought some years ago (when they first started putting the Sony media sticks in). Also built an enclosure for a single 12" sub for in the rear (passenger side, behind the wheel well), with the sub facing the center of the rear window. Planning on using a JL Audio 12W3-4 in there.

Need to decide on amps, and the rest of the speakers. I have a set of 5 1/4" A/D/S from the old tbird and might use them in the rear and get something new for the front. Not yet decided as I have alot going on right now (finishing up law school in the next few weeks and then have to pent my summer studying for the bar exam).

So, that's my story.