Well just wanted to say Hi to everyone first. HI


I recently installed a new alt into my 03 VW gti, the stock alt is 90amps and the new one I installed off of a VR6 is 120amps, I used the stock alt to battery cables. Ok now that is said recently I installed Air Ride suspension into my car using another power cable separate from my stereo power cable to provide power. I have a separate ground for the air system which is under the seatbelt (not sure if that is a good place).

Stereo setup: Merrell front components with mids, Sony CDX-GT930UI deck, Kicker 10ZX700.5 amp, (1) Kicker 07CVR12-4 sub.

OK now to my problem, Whenever I "hit a switch" to move the car up/down using my switch box I hear a horrible click or interference sound through my speakers. Its more dominate in the passenger front over the driver side front (no rear speakers).

What could be causing this? Bad Grounds? Not using the same ground for both the stereo and suspension(ground loops?)? Too small of a alt to battery wire? Ideas?

Thanks for any help!