OK, so I am working on updating the system in my 2009 Challenger, actually my 18 y.o. son drives it. Strickly consumer level stuff not looking to compete..obviously.

About 9 months ago I put in a Dual BP1204 with one of their XIA3145 amps. Maybe not the best choice but it still sounds good and looks great.

Now I'm working on the HU and 4 main speakers. I've installed a Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD with a PB bypass. Next weekend I'll be installing an Infinity Kappa FOUR amp, 692.2i 6x9's in the front doors and 62.2i's in the rear deck.

Then I'm already looking at some 32.9cf 3.5" tweeters for the dash and a some type of 8" mid-bass (maybe a JL ZR800-CW) in the rear deck.

In order to add these I'll need amps with both RCA inputs and outs since I am out of RCA's on the back of the HU. I was thinking of going from the front speaker RCA'S on the HU to a 2 channel amp for the tweeters then out to the Kappa FOUR for the front door speakers. Then using the HU's sub RCA to another 2 channel amp (bridged) for the 8" mid-bass continuing out to the Dual amp.

Does that make sense? Do the tweeters need an amp? Do the speaker level HU wires still work if I have all 6 RCA's in use, if so I could power the the tweeters with the front speaker wires and just one amp for the 8" mid. Any suggestions for the 2 channel amps I'll need for the mid and possibly the tweeters?

Finally, what about amperage? Will I have any trouble with Dual & Kappa FOUR? How about after I add 1 or 2 more 2 channels for the additional speakers?

Thanks for any help, and I hope to meet some local members in the near future.