Lets begin shall we..deep breath....
Getting ready to install my first system myself.This will be my 8th system in 21 yrs.This time I am going to do it myself or at least most of it( no longer can be a blank check writer,economy, kids,,blah blah). I live in Pasco County Fl in Holiday. Current ride : 1989 BMW M5 with the M30B30( was a custom order many years ago by some lucky fellow).I have no idea what to buy as far as wire, RCA all the little goodies or how to hook it all up.

Gear list:HU- XDVDN8190 EQ- Sound Stream MPQ-7X0 & Sound Stream BX-20Z
Woofer- (2) Rockford Fosgate P3D412's Mids- 2 sets of Sound Stream PCC.6N ( 1 set per door 1 set for kick and dash) 2 sets Sound Stream PCS.52N 9 1 set for rear fill the other i don't know).
AMPS- Sound Stream PCX1000D( Lows) 2- Sound Stream PCX4.240 ( mids n highs)
rear fill will be off the deck i guess.
Xtras- Sound Stream Scell-300
Plamsaglow 2.1 million under body kit
PlasmaGlow wheel well kit
Streetglow 4 door led car handle kit
12- single LEDs
pedal kit

all the LEDs besides the undercar are Blue or purple.

Look forward to picking some brains and If i cant do it then have to find a shop locally that won's do too many bad things to my wallet. Not competing i just like what I like.

Cheers all