Hey guys what up. The name is tripleb45 and I am new to the "serious" car audio realm. I am on here for a good time and to create my build. I am not on here to have beef with nobody nor hate on nobody nor get hated on. I am a jokester and hope that I do not get taken too seriously when I am joking. I am 22 and I have a wife and 9 month old son. Don't plan on telling my life's story but a little info. If I have offended anyone so far I ask that you not take me seriously. I do not get a kick out of starting crap seriously, but jokingly I will grill yo ***. My first big project which is also my current build is my 4 Fi BTL's running on 10 K watts, maybe more. I know, I know. Meade wannabe right? Wrong. Meade did introduce me to Fi, but my experience with them has sold me to Fi. I am not here to down other brands, but I do plan on standing behind my brand. I look for knowledge on here and products I need on here. I am a cool person and I look to have fun so lets get it. I look to be a sponsor in the future, but I don't plan on just going to anyone, so I plan on putting in some work and bringing home some W's before I settle. Unless I feel comfortable with doing it before that time. I am new to the whole serious audio, so I am open to any people that truly want to help a brotha out.