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Reload Thread: how can i install a double din into a single din hole for yukon

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    Icon32 how can i install a double din into a single din hole for yukon

    I have a 95 gmc yukon, factory installed is a single din deck.
    i have a double din gps dvd player which im not sure if it works you guys know how i could test it? or know of any company that fixes these?
    its an eclipse avn 6600

    i noticed i would have to custom intall this which i think its worth it, but im not sure were to start or if there are any online websites that cuold help me in the process or even were i could buy a duble din custom dash cover since all the original dahs covers are made for single din players.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: how can i install a double din into a single din hole for yukon

    use some fiberglass i just did it in a 2000 yukon so im not sure exactly how your dash looks.

    hook the red yellow wire to a pos lead of a battery and black to neg if it turns on it works

    91 4dr exploder
    electrical- 4 advance auto marine batteries stock alt
    still no subs

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    Re: how can i install a double din into a single din hole for yukon

    If you pull the pocket out, and drop the heat controls, you should only have some minor mods to make it fit in the factory spot,

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    Re: how can i install a double din into a single din hole for yukon

    I maynot be able to help, but I did find something really really terrific and it helps myself a lot!!!
    The topic is: My Eonon E1012 stereo expierence Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 10:43 am from clubhyndai forum

    You see, E1012 is a 2din DVD player, eonon, I think you can know that. so I think it may be similiar to yours.

    the following is the quotation:

    Since some guys here interested in Eonon, I'd like to share with you my expierence with Eonon 1012. I'm attempted by its cheap price and nice pics at first. Then I decided to contact their sales. After discussing options with them for some time (an interesting part of the sales and marketing is that the sellers can be contacted via Skype/IM/phone/email so you’re really never out of contact with them) I found a unit that worked for me best and ordered it. That's to say, I''ve taken the risk! But I'm lucky

    Shipping was incredibly fast and the package arrived in just 3 days from Hong Kong! A word of advice on this is to have them send it as a gift so you don't have to deal with customs taxes and also you should keep the original value for insurance reasons. Packing was secure and the box was well sealed. I was actually surprised at the level of protection offered.

    The Unit: The unit itself is a motorized 7" touch screen with car DVD, TV tuner, USB plug and an SD slot behind the screen for photos. The internal amplifier offers 4X65watts.

    Touch Screen:
    The unit itself has a very nice looking screen, slightly thicker than I am used to seeing but not out of place. Screen to screen time is slightly delayed and the unit does not like multi-taps. But the unit’s sensitivity is right and it is just as easy to use the screen as the remote.

    Installed software (Radio O/S):To me the screen is normal, no "waw" factors to me. But my gf was impressed out after the install to show her .

    The radio screen is straightforward. To save a radio station, just hold down the number you want on the screen and it saves it. The digital display on the bottom left is just a graphic and does not represent what you are listening to.


    The DVD unit honestly works much better than I thought it was going to. There is a delay while it loads of about 5-8 seconds which is shown with a loading screen:

    From an initial stand-point the unit has performed well, does what it is meant to do and I have not run into issues.


    Very inexpensive
    Great DVD playback
    Well packaged
    Motorized screen moves without hesitation
    Decent resolution and nice color from a budget screen
    Decent amplification
    Remembers previous cd/dvd to resume from previous spot
    Many add-on possibilities (USB support, Back-up Camera, Bluetooth microphone)


    Poor manual translation
    DVD initial Load time
    Removeable control bar is too sensitive and falls off, also the unit continues to work without it.

    Hope it can help you. And actually, the product from EONON has manuals, it will teach exactly how to install your product. Just have a try, you may ask for one.
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