Hey guys, my name is Avanti (usually called Tantra in forums). I have been lurking around here for a while, finally went ahead and made an account.

I primarily belong to one other car forum in which I'm fairly active in (Clublexus).

My audio has always been a controversial thing, due to it being a little too load... and not something the majority of the forum focuses on.

My setup used to be 2 Alphasonik 800 series subs...they were rated from the manufacturer at 900rms each. It was paired with a 3000 watt o2 Amplifier.

My more recent setup was an Alphasonik PMA800DA amplifier, paired with an Alphasonik Mayhem.

I had it wired up at 1ohm and a custom box for the sub.

The sub is rated at 2200 rms, and the amp was putting out 1640 @ 1 ohm.

From the reading I've been doing, there isn't much "love" for alphasoniks on the forum and was wondering what the reason may be. I think they give amazing bang for buck!

Nonetheless, I sold both of my last setups and looking for something that's nice and clean, sound quality being most important.