Hello: I have been into stereos since I was in junior high (and I am not young, so it has been a long time), built my first pre amplifier and power amplifier when I was about 15, and hung out with some guys who did commercial audio installations for rock bands, theaters, etc.

Car audio: well, when I was young, they had brands like Craig and Automatic Radio. You have to be old like me to remember those. The good stuff came later. I have been into custom car audio since 1989.

I have a 1988 BMW M6 with 1993 stuff in it: Kicker Competition sub in a custom designed bass reflex enclosure that ports inconspicuously into the back of the passenger compartment, PPI 4 ch. amp and a Profile 200 watt sub amp, with an Audio Control electronic crossover, and satellite speakers are Altec Lansing (NOT the current Altec Lansing, the ORIGINAL company that was part of LTV the aerospace company) and MB Quart tweeters.

In my 2006 Infiniti I just completed a custom sub enclosure for a 12 inch MB Quart sub. I have the custom dash kit from Yoshi's Garage in Japan, for this car, to convert to a non double DIN opening and look all factory, with a Kenwood KCP 792 (I think that is the model number) deck, three Soundstream Reference 500 (US made) amplifiers, all fed by Soundstream Balanced Line Transmitters. For satellites I have new old stock (before the company was sold) MB Quart QSD 216 and QM 215.61 components. Kenwood changer in trunk.

In my truck I run a Soundstream Reference 405s for everything. This system went in new in 1995. Kicker Solo Baric 8 inch sub in custom enclosure (squeezed under the fold down rear seat), ADS component speakers in the front and (added recently) Rockford Fosgate coaxials for rear fill (in OEM openings). Deck: old school quality Sony XRC-720 (the best audio sound from any deck I have ever owned, and the cassette deck sounds like it is playing CDs).

There is also another system I took out of my 300ZX that I have parted with, that is another Soundstream Reference 405, another Solo Baric sub, and a Kenwood fold down face deck. Audio Control 3XS electronic crossover. All from the late 90's. The CD changer is now in the Infiniti.

I am restoring an English sports car and will build a system for that car some time in the future. Always looking for good amplifiers to buy, mainly Soundstream, but I am getting interested in the old school Orions, US amps and Arc (I just bought one of these on eBay).

I joined this forum for the knowledge base. Hopefully I can give back some knowledge for that which I take. Thanks in advance for your help in answering my questions and providing a research base for me (I have already searched threads for a number of issues and posted one thread with a question).