Whatsup everyone, i'm new to this site, aswell as car audio. I'm 17 and like building computers, but now that I got a car, i've shifted my interest towards audio a bit. Though I am new, I am learning a lot, and fast. Hopefully i'll continue learning at this pace.

I just started picking out my first system, an extremely simple base to expand upon in the future. I'm not looking to spend thousands of dollars or go to competitions, but I want a system that sounds good, and so I figured i'd learn more before I just dive in to buying whatever i'm told to by my friends. If you'd like to help me pick out this system, I have a thread: http://www.caraudio.com/forum/showth...55#post5473355

I've already picked out a component set, an amp, and some wiring. I plan to, in a few months time, buy two 12" subs, and an amp to go with them, but I don't even know where to start (Hence, why I am here, and also why i'm not buying these for a few months). If you'd like to help me, check out the topic!

Thanks for being so helpful so far, and I can't wait to keep learning about car audio. By the way, this site is awesome as far as members go aswell, all responses so far have been quick, helpful, and non-derogatory.

Wow, I definitely went overboard with that introduction. Rofl.