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right now flashed with gmdl5x
works on these cars right now but any car alarm shop can flash these with any of the firmware listed for any of the cars listed. Only problem is that when i bought it i didnt realize that the alarm does not work with 08 grand prix and omega never supported it. The car alarm shop tried to make it work and it didnt. only express kit makes a module for 08 and its a dei product. so i now have this alarm which i cannot use

Crime Guard UltiHUB-KIT2-GM7X Factory anti-theft upgrade kit for select 2007-up Buick, Chevrolet, Saturn or Pontiac vehicles at

this is basically the arm i have except mine is programmed with the gmdl5x firmware right now but it is the same exact thing, again this thing can work on hundreds of cars


2-way and you cans till use your factory remotes
shock sensors
extended range
only 4 wires as it communicated through data wire and then a ground power and acc hookup

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