I have a pretty nice 99 Buick Lesabre. I bought this after my other Explorer rusted out because I wanted something smooth and comfortable, but I really need some form of truck and something to haul wood with. This does not do that.

Anyone who knows anything about the Series II 3.8 engines know they have an intake problem. I bought this vehicle non-running with this problem. The guy hydrolocked the engine, so I bought the car, and got an engine from my old man's scrap yard and installed it. I was leaking also, so I did a complete overhaul and installed all new gaskets. The engine is basically new, minus the heads which are the stock 27,000 mile units. I did not have to do anything to them. It also has the new, upgraded intake that cured the previous problem. The vehicle itself has 47K miles on it, but I drive it daily, so it's always increasing. The title will show mile exempt as when I bought it, the old man mistakenly checked the exempt box while signing the title. This didn't bother me as I had no intentions of re-selling the vehicle, and it would have been a huge hassle with the BMV, so . . . . It has new tires and brakes on it from July, all new fluids, a new belt, and some air bags on the rear springs to handle extra loads in the trunk. I have several hundred pounds of tools I haul in there for work and it does great.

The car has some scratches on the roof, along the drivers side, and on the trunk, and two small dents, one on the fender, and the other on the fuel filler door. They will all buff out, but I don't have the time or warm place to do it now, so I was just going to wait until summer and do the whole car. Everything works on the car. It has power everything minus the passenger seat, AC is ice cold, heat is perfect, cruise works great. It gets 20mpg in the city and I've got anywhere from 27-31 on the highway.

Anyways, I'd really like an extended cab Ford Pickup, preferably and F-150, but I will also take an Explorer or Mountaineer.

I'm located in South Bend, IN. It's in NW Indiana, about 2 hours East of Chicago. I don't really have time to drive around, so a trade would have to be close by.