I have a set of 22" DUB INZANES with a +30 offset perfect for GM suvs Wrapped in 305/40/22 Vogue tires. No fake cut tires here. the real thing made in Chicago. The wheels and tires were bought about a year ago. the wheels were $1500 and the tires were $1500 both + shipping!.DO YOUR PRICE RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING ME AN OFFER, but this set looks super clean and well worth it. wheels are still shiny with no scratches and tires have alot of meat on them. These WHITEWALL 22s make the wheels look like 24s or 23s. Serious inquiries only plz. some links below

22" DUB INZANE 6x135 Wheel SET 6x5.5 Chevy Chrome RIMS: eBay Motors (item 380234883421 end time Aug-16-10 13:10:25 PDT)

BRAND NEW VOGUE 305/40/22 TIRES WITH WHITE WALL: eBay Motors (item 8049196707 end time Aug-25-10 22:05:07 PDT)