1. Product:
Spyder Xtra paintball gun <-- needs work
x2 14oz tanks
20oz tank
Extra barrel
Paintball holding tubes

2. Specs:

The xtra is stock besides the aftermarket J&J barrel

3. Description/Condition:
The gun will shoot one round but then wont recock it self I am doing reserch on it and it looks like all you need to do is open up the gun and replace the O-ring in it and your set. Other then that its in great condition some minor chips by the logo. But it hasnt seen to much use..

After a little reserch this is all you have to do!
hammer Oring,

Dissassemble your marker by

removing the back cap,
pulling the trigger frame from the gun,
pulling out the bolt, hammer stopper, spring, spring guide, and hammer(striker) from the rear of the gun,
you will notice one oring on the hammer (striker) remove that oring an replace it,
when you replace it, use PB gun oil on the new oring, (goldcup, AKA lube, Eclipse oil, ect)

re insert everything you removed taking care noticing the order in which they belong.

4. Price:

$100 plus shipping
TXT 925 389 8936

5. Pictures: