]1. Product:
Custom built 18" subwoofer

2. Specs:
Motor: Incriminator Audio Death penalty
Basket: 18" 12spoke basket
Coil: 8layer FW 3" Coil
Spider: 3Hard/2Soft
Cone: 18" Paper Pulp cone
Dustcap: 6" Carbon fiber dustcap

RMS: Conservativly rated at 2k
Coil config: D2 coil

3. Description/Condition:
Fresh recone. Ran on HT amp to test. Some mechanical noise but got loud as FAWK for the power I was giving it.

If needed I will be willing to throw it in my 5.1 cu ft box @ 32hz to show a video in box on some power.

4. What you are looking for: :
2x 15" subwoofers
3kW RMS (either a single or strapped)

5. Pictures of your item for trade: