its a big black object so that of people will like that on this site. Has a 360 gig HDD in it can hold and store many disc images on it for burning. Also has the ability to become an external drive at the flick of a switch. It operates stand alone with no computer needed. It has 10 opti arc drives and 1 asus reader. I never use this much since all the newer stuff I have has robotics and does not require hand loading. It was about 1250 new with a 160 gig and I put a bigger one in it. The only thing that is wrong with the unit is the HDD is held in with 3 screws instead of 4 1 broke off when removing it once. It makes no difference in its function, just in case someone opens it up and sees I want them to know. If there is interest I will get a camera and add pics

450 shipped to conus