The green body one is a traxx t-maxx 2.5.4x4,sweet Integy shocks,a RD lobica pipe system. electric start and alot of aftermarket allium.And a TQ3 traxxas remote.and the electric stater.
I have alot of money into this one.well over $900.I want to sell it for $300 shipped

The next one is a Revo 2.5.the red has a electric start with the starter.sweet rims with new tires.And a TQ3 remote.
I have about $600 into this one.I want to sell for $220 shipped.

I also have a 2.5 jado.This truck is very fast and a little smaller than the other comes with the body.A TQ3 remote,and electric starter.$220
I will have to get some pictures of this one.

I have a bad a** charger for sale to.It is a Intellipeak digital charger.I just paid $109+tax for it.I will not sell it by its self,only if you buy a truck.$80 shipped.