I know its kind of a long shot but I need to get rid of my 1991 Dodge Stealth. I am really looking for a stick, and would like something a little quicker. It is the base with the SOHC 3 liter V6. Makes about 160 horsepower or so. Brand new tires all around, as well as a battery. Interior is clean for an 18 year old car with only with small rip in the passenger side seat. It has about 167,000 miles on it, but should be good for another 30k at least. The AC and heat both work great. This is a sharp looking car, and with some TLC could be very nice. The bad things are, some rust spots on rocker panels and back hatch. Also, the parking brake cable is locked up, so it can not be driven away. It will however start right up. I have a new muffler for it that just needs to be welded on. I dont have many pics right now, since there is 2 feet of snow outside, but if someone is seriously interested I could get some more. here are a couple.

These ones are more pics of my old crappy system but you can still see the interior ok.

Price, I will start with $1300 OBO. KBB for fair condition is about 1500.