First up. . .

Corsair XMS2 2gb PC6400 800nghz DDR2 Ram

Just rebuilt my PC, this is an extra stick or RAM i have left over that i no longer have any use for. Im asking 25.00 + shipping. Never been used, I havent even taken it out of the package yet.

Next up:

ATX Midcase, no power supply.

Asking 30.00 + shipping.

And up last:

Next Up:

Team Associated Monster GT.

Can get specs here. .

* - RC Truck runs fine, I flipped it and broke the filters out of the gas tank, so it will need a new tank (a 20.00 part).

Transmission works perfect, I left the reverse on it, never had problems with it over heating on me.

I paid 365.00 for it, im asking 185.00 + shipping.