well my 94 honda accord took a dump on me thursday, and im not willing to replace the motor in it , so im going to scrap it out, then sell whats left to the junk yard, so if you have a 94-97 accord and need a part that i can ship via ups or fed ex let me know what you need and ill let ya know how much i want or you can throw a offer and include shiping from 32583 ...
the car has 194k miles on it
rotors and calapers are only 1year old
brand new harmonic balancer (that bish was 160 dollars)
good alt, ac compressor,ps pump
i put one of them ricer intake air cleaners on it from advance auto parts
both air bags , never deployed
fuel injectors are 9 mos old (factory replacements)
so on and so on just a quick list of off the top shipable parts..

will trade parts of the car for rifles/shot guns (if local enough to meet and swap unless otherwise agreed upon first *certian things would have to be done*)