I have had this rig for about 4 months, I had it custom built by a shop here in gainesville, that specializes in high performace gaming. I played BF2 with it for about a month, and got bored with all the jumping/firing bastards, so I do not have a need for it. I will not split it up. Not interested in trades. If there is interest in this, and you want pics of the internals, just let me know. I will put Bassbox pro 6 on it, Windows XP Pro, Nero 7 and dvd shrink for ripping dvd's. Also with the computer you can have my steam account with the full Half-life 2 ep 1 games on it, as well as my account for Battlefield 2 and BF2 Special forces. I have about 60% of the unlocks and many many medals and ribbons. Thanks for looking.


Shawn Fleming

Coolmaster Centurion Black/Aluminum Bezel Mid Tower Case w/ blue LEDs
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ w/Artic Silver thermal paste
Thermaltake Big Typhoon Cooler w/ fan speed control
DFI Lanparty UT Ultra-D mobo
Aspire 500 watt Power Supply with fan speed control
Western Digital Caviar 7200 rpm sata 80 gig HDD
Western Digital Caviar 7200 rpm ata 80 gig HDD
2-1gig stick of OCZ Platinum DDR 400/ PC 3200 RAM run in Dual Channel mode
EVGA 7900GT KO SC video card
Lite-On 1633 16X DVD-R/RW/DL dvd burner
Benq 1640 16X DVD-R/RW/DL dvd burner
Samsung Black 3.5" Floppy Drive
Benq 19" LCD monitor
Logitech 5.1 gaming surround sound system
Logitech cordless mouse and cordless keyboard

$1500 shipped. It will be in more than one box for shipping. I will do the computer in the Coolmaster box, I will do the monitor in its factory box, and will do the 5.1 system and mouse and keyboard, and the Battlefield 2 disc in there factory boxes with manuals, as well as all the other factory boxes if you want them as well in a seperatebox. I have all the driver disc, as well as all manuals and boxes, except for the 5.1 system, I no longer have its original box.