I'm looking for somebody in Cali unless you're willing to dish out the extra cash for the shipping. This is a fixer upper.

"Transmission is not working properly due to misfiring pistons."~Mechanic

-Approximately 100,000 mileage
-Chip in on of the rims
-Scratches and discoloration in paint
-indentation in the hood
-Someone tried to pry into the front passenger window
-Stock radio was removed but can be included

The problem with the car was sudden. I was driving down the freeway and the ability to accelerate slowly decreased. The car was unable to go more than 25mph. I had the car towed to the nearest dealership and was told that the pistons are misfiring. The car is a bit dirty in the pics because I do not want to drive it and give it further damage to get it to a place where I can wash it. The buyer will be responsible for towing the car. I tried to capture all the blemishes in he pics, more are available upon request.