I found a decent deal on a good laptop so the desktop is going bye bye.

Motherboard Asus P5n32D-SLi 175 shipped

Ram CORSAIR XMS2 2GB 265 shipped

Video Card - BFG Tech 7800GTX OC 256Mb pcie^16 275 shipped (lifetime warranty)

Power Supply - Silverstone 750 with 4 12V rails 160 shipped

Processor - Pentium D 805 (its not fast in stock form but will run overclocked to 3.66-4.0Ghz all day on air 55 shipped

Dell 20.1" monitor 1680x1050 max resolution, no dead pixels (amazing display)
280+actual shipping

samsung cdrw/dvd 40 shipped
samsung cdrw/dvdrw 60 shipped

Pics available on request. I have positive feedback on here (search the feedback forum) and on many other sites.