I can make a deal on the lot if someone wants it all. The watercooling I will sell all, not parts. Prices don't include shipping and are negotiable.

Iwill MPX2 Dual Athlon MB $150
2X Athlon XP(barton) 2500+ modded for MP capable (have ran daily @ 2300+Mhzwith 2 instance of folding) $100
1GB Reg ECC PC2700 samsung $125
PCMCIS 550w eps12V(2 fan, speed adjustable) power supply $65

Danger den + custom parts water cooling kit for it. $200
2X Maze 4 cool
Hydor L30 pump
Large heater core mounted in a shroud with 2X 120MM Delta fans.
Enermax UC-A8FATR4 4 fan Controller /w Dual Color Temperature Display
Dual bay Clear acrylic reservoir
WACC Active free flow Reservoir
Assorted tubing