Prom + Senior Project + Junk lying around = Im getting rid of crap... trades are welcome though there isnt much to trade for.

Im looking for some new 6.5" Mids, New 6.5" Co-Ax's (something the equivilant of Type-R Co-Ax's), Battery Terminals, Fuse Holders and inline fuses 200a +, 50a slow blow fuses, Power/Ground wire, and w/e else you are will ing to trade i may be willing to take

First up, gameboy advanced, dont like any of the games for it and yeah...ive outgrown it i geuss... throw me an offer.

Next, i have ram comming out my ***, most 256 and 128 PC133 so that is all im selling. PM me or leave a mesage asking for what you want/need and ill see if i have some. I literally have a whole bag of ram sticks. all taken from surplus equiptment in my dad's shop.

Next is a gokart/frame. i have the seat and a box of parts, doesnt run right now, engine needs work, $100 (firm like jello) for pick up ill drive up to 100mi if im compensated for gas.

And last, for now, is an old pair of bindings comfertable but my feet outgrew them, up to a size 9.5 could fit in them and as small as a 5 i think. Men's sizes. Asking 40 + Shipping.

the pic is from whant i first got them, they still look almost exactly the same.