I have a HP Ze4400 Laptop. I will start the price at 500 obo plus shippingbecause i really don't know how much they go for now. The Laptop comes with the power adapter and all of the original hp cd's. I am willing to reformat the whole pc and install windows XP home as the os. I would like to keep this thread clean so pm me with your offers. pm me for pics but i will be posting some as soon as i get my camera back( 10pm today)

Specs of the Laptop
-Amd athlon xp 2400
-30 GB hard drive
-512 memory ( 256 x 2) - shared memory so itz 448.
-24x cd burner...i think itz 24x
-ATI integrated video card
-Wireless 802.11 B/G
-built in nic 10/100
-built in 56k
-ac adapter
-working battery