Hey, I'm selling a very portable and small Thinkpad Laptop. Its a Thinkpad X31, only 12'' and 3.5lbs. Perfect for the person on the go, super light and super small! And still very powerful, here are the specs:

1.6 GHZ Centrino Processor
40GB Hard Drive (Largest this model comes with!)
12'' Screen
3.5 lbs
XP Pro
Built in Wireless

Now this laptop does not have a CD Drive of any kind....They don't come with them at all, the X31 does not even give the option of a CD Drive..HOWEVER I am including in this purchase, the Docking Station which has a CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive, which is around a $200 Bonus that these don't come with.

This will go on ebay soon if it doesnt sell, however for now on the forums I'm asking $1,000 Shipped OBO. This same model laptop with less RAM and no docking station has been selling on ebay for around $900ish.

If you feel what I'm asking is not fair, make me an offer.