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Forum: Miscellaneous Car Audio Reviews

In-depth miscellaneous car audio equipment reviews by members.

  1. knukonceptz ring terminals and distros

    I must say first the ring terminals from knukonceptz is just amazing. I had to drill the hole bigger for one connection to the chassis and holy crap it was solid. Some of the other brands you drill it and it peels like its coated. Nice product A+++ The second is the new distros by...

    Started by SPL140.2‎, 03-20-2006
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  2. Direct XM tuner (alpine)

    http://www.crutchfield.com/S-Rn4KrLxKJMc/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=247350&I=700XMALPIN that's is the kit i got for my alpine 9835. it's a direct plug-in for alpine headunits with ai-net. what i got was the tuner, which is a universal tuner. this tuner can be used with an adapter for basically...

    Started by iceteebone‎, 03-15-2006
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  3. Icon14 Stinger SWKH0 Wiring Kit (0 Gauge)

    I'll be reviewing all of the components in my new system here eventually, but I'll start with a simple one. I bought the Stinger SWKH0 0 Gauge Wiring Kit (Retail is about $140ish I think) for use in my two amp system which will be running approximately around 1100 watts of power (900x1 & 120x2)....

    Started by DemonBoy‎, 03-01-2006
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  4. Stratitec, Zonet, and Broadxent 56k modems in Linux

    Obviously these are not car audio products, but I review them anyway. This recounts my attempts to get connected under Linux. For the less informed, unless you have a full hardware modem, which are > $70 on average, you will have total hell getting online with it. Winmodems are not modems. A...

    Started by Raven‎, 08-02-2005
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    12-09-2005 Go to last post
  5. Icon13 power acoustik strikes again. Kit 2 AWg

    I bought a wiring kit made by power acoustik thinking that they can't f**k up wiring too. Guess what they did. I bought 2 awg and got 8 gauge the plastic is thick *** hell.:furious:

    Started by sdimeCHivo‎, 10-26-2005
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    I was watching the news today just some local news, i dont really believe it to be true but there was a man with an ACTUAL ps3 in his house. He said he worked with sony and he was one of the beta testers for them Now this much could be true, but the review he gave for it was terrible. He said...

    Started by MastaFlex‎, 10-25-2005
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  7. xbox/ Jade Empire

    Not car audio, but I liked it so much, I felt the need to share. -- Searching for a reasonable RPG for the xbox, I tried Morrowind, Fable, Sudeki; Most recent was Jade Empire. -- Characters; Several to choose from and customize, including nine 'followers' you can pick up during the game. ...

    Started by theCybe‎, 08-05-2005
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  8. Icon8 Power Lock is a waste of money

    I purchased a PowerLock Alarm for my truck, six months ago, now no one can drive it, thief or me. This thing is the most user unfriendly alarm I have every owned. I am having it taken off. Don't waste your money! This technology is clearly not perfected yet. My issues with this system are...

    Started by Cool Ray‎, 07-25-2005
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  9. Icon13 Pioneer iPod Adapter

    I bought the Pioneer iPod Adapter from BB the other day so I could return it with ease if I didn't like it. Well, it has already been returned if that says anything. Price I paid was $129, this thing costs more than any of the other iPod adapters, but that doesn't mean anything. Install was...

    Started by BulldogSr04‎, 06-05-2005
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  10. Knu Konceptz

    I ordered from KnuKonceptz last week for my upcoming upgrades. They are reasonably priced so I decided to order everything I needed from them. One thing I was looking for was an 8 awg spade terminal becuase there site didnt have any, so I emailed them about it and then got a reply back saying they...

    Started by LightningStryk7‎, 05-27-2005
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  11. Scoche mounting kit.

    used it to install a HU into a 98 grand prix. the directions for parts to be used were wrong. after finding the right parts and installing, the dash trim doesn't fit completely around the scoche kit. i had to dremel a little of the panel so the panel would fit back into place. it bulges...

    Started by cobra65427289‎, 03-30-2005
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  12. Icon14 US Composites.com

    I placed an order with them on Friday for a gallon of resin + MEKP. Stupid me, I forgot to order Meguiar's Mold Release Wax so I can duplicate some OEM parts. Well, they went into the warehouse, checked for the order, and added the wax!!!!! I had to pay for the wax (duh), but thanks to their...

    Started by MetalMaxima‎, 03-28-2005
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  13. Icon13 TRC entry-level RCA line driver

    Tried this out in a TSX with the OE HU (OE HU measured exact same OP voltage with the 1K sine wave track from the Alpine CAN disc as my "2v" 7903 - 800mV. ) Bad noise floor. Bad clipping on inputs during peaks. Disaster. Tweaked it, tweaked the amp (new Kicker 4-channel). Finally, threw it away....

    Started by elduderino‎, 02-19-2005
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  14. Knu Konceptz Karma Cable

    well, i got sick of my line convertor (i either had the right or left channel working, never both) and decided to invest in a RCA cable. What caught my eye was this product: The KnuKonceptz Karma Kable 6m (a bit over 19 feet). i gotta admit, this RCA cable was made much better then my...

    Started by AznRevlAzn‎, 01-13-2005
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  15. Binkster Test Tones Review

    This product which is offered free online allows you to have a complete cd. Thats right, it's a complete cd of test tones plus a hell of a lot more. what is included: Track Description 1 Left-Right 2 Left, Right, Center, Surround (like Dolby Pro-Logic) 3 Dual Tone 700 L, 1k R 0dB...

    Started by AznRevlAzn‎, 12-06-2004
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  16. Wally World Window Tint

    Everybody loves tint! So I figure I better get to reviewing it. Now many people out there think, "Hot da*n, I need some tint, but I better pay a professional $100 to do it rather than use that cheap Wal-Mart crap!" Now that's great thinking and all, but is there really anything wrong with...

    Started by phrozen5100‎, 12-06-2004
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  17. Rain X

    Ok, this is another non-car audio product like Gorilla Glue, and yeah most people know about this stuff, but since most folks who are into car audio care a little about their vehicle and some may not know about this... So there I was driving down the highway humming to "Haddaway - What is...

    Started by phrozen5100‎, 11-30-2004
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  18. Gorilla Glue Review

    Sure, this has absolutely nothing at all to do with car audio equipment, but I figured there might be some poor souls out there wondering how good this stuff is...and it's....pretty **** good. Well, I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I'm a lazy bastard and I do things the lazy persons way. Why...

    Started by phrozen5100‎, 11-29-2004
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    11-29-2004 Go to last post
  19. KnuKonceptz 1/0 Gauge Wiring Kit

    Included in the kit: 18 feet of their blue 1/0 power wire. 5 feet of their silver 1/0 ground wire. 6 feet of black wire loom. A FH-20 fuseholder. 4 1/0 ring terminals. Your choice of fuse size. The wire is extremely flexible for being so thick. I found it more flexible than my...

    Started by ss3079‎, 11-11-2004
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    11-11-2004 Go to last post
  20. acaraudio.com strikes again!

    :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: :pissed: Ok, if you read my earlier review of acaraudio.com they created some minor infractions in the world of online businesses. And in the review that I suggested that you be the judge for yourself on whether or not you would use...

    Started by NegativeEffect1‎, 09-08-2004
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  21. SecondSkin Damplifer Pro

    Damplifer Pro is a sound dampening product that consists of asphalt and a layer of foil. SecondSkin's product description: Ultra thick butyl compound adhesive 4 mil foil heat shield 478 degrees F. Price paid: $144.00 + $15.00 shipping for 40sqft (I used 80sqft) Car: 99 Ford...

    Started by clarity413‎, 09-06-2004
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    09-06-2004 Go to last post
  22. PnS

    Yes, another Peel and Seel review. The cost of the PnS is very cheap compared to other deadeners. I paid only $12 a roll, and used 2.5 rolls on each door (probably a bit overkill). The PnS goes on very easily, I didn't use any heat guns, nor any rollers. I found that just firmly pressing...

    Started by `pr0digy‎, 09-06-2004
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    09-06-2004 Go to last post
  23. Icon13 acaraudio.com

    Well, I ordered my Focal 180W and Focal 100KPs from them the Monday before last (8/23/04) they took the money out of my bank account the next day(8/24/04), I now take it for granted that they shipped the items; because usually online businesses don’t draw the money until the item is shipped. I...

    Started by NegativeEffect1‎, 09-04-2004
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    09-04-2004 Go to last post
  24. Dynamat extreme

    Today, my friend and i installed a layer of dynamat extreme on the rear wall of my 2000 Chevy Silverado extended cab. We covered the whole rear wall, and the 2 air vents that rattled like crazy..... the result was amazing. Now my subs are deeper, louder, and there is absolutely no rattling from...

    Started by Norcalracer283‎, 08-26-2004
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    08-26-2004 Go to last post
  25. Revised Opinion: Indo Audio

    This time, i am here to say that i like indo audio. I decided to buy my amp from them and it was a good idea.... what happened was, on ebay, i accidently purchased 2 of their amps....i wanted 1.....well, paypal finalized the payment.... i quickly emailed Indo audio about the problem...they had it...

    Started by Norcalracer283‎, 08-11-2004
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    08-11-2004 Go to last post
  26. Indo Audio x2

    I purchased my PG Tantrum 1200.1 amplifier from them a few weeks before they were discontinued...for around $320 shipped, IIRC. Shipping was fast, they kept me up to date on the status of the item, and it arrived on time in the stated condition without a problem. That's all I can ask from an online...

    Started by JimJ‎, 08-11-2004
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,446
    08-11-2004 Go to last post
  27. Indo Audio

    This ebay store has treated me well...Fast response and they have a good return policy, and offer warranty.... I would suggest the store to almost anyone

    Started by Norcalracer283‎, 08-05-2004
    • Replies: 2
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    08-09-2004 Go to last post
  28. Second Skin Spectrum

    I figured I would throw up a review of Liquid sound deadening sence I havent seen one yet. Some pics will be at the bottom, seeing that the review is more important. Product installed: A (1)gallon of second skin spectrum liquid sound deadening. Cost was $65 USD including shipping. It came in...

    Started by Radar‎, 07-11-2004
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    07-11-2004 Go to last post
  29. Dynamat Xtreme

    I went to my local shoped talked to a couple people, showed them my system and listened to what they had to say. After about an hour of talk about how nice my setup is and how they havent heard of RE... and so on, they told me that Dynamat would be a VERY nice investment to me. I listened to them...

    Started by Loudrango112‎, 07-05-2004
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    07-05-2004 Go to last post
  30. Icon14 Koiiler/Metric Audio

    Not sure if this should be here or in the reviews section, but anyways. I recently bought a sub/amp setup off eBay. One 10" Koiiler 800W Max sub, and one Metric Audio 1000W 2CH amp. I paid a total of $110 shipped. I'm relatively new to the car audio scene, but I must say I'm impressed with the SQ...

    Started by bonbon989‎, 07-03-2004
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    07-03-2004 Go to last post
  31. Icon8 Review for RE Cust. SVC

    I ordered 2 HC 12's from RE audio. Once installed, my younger brother was opening the trunk and a latch attatched to the top (for holding emergency kit) of it fell off and hit the sub. This latch has to weigh less than a half a pound. This latch barely tapped the surface and it shattered. The...

    Started by brothaknowles‎, 06-16-2004
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    06-16-2004 Go to last post
  32. Icon33 Peel And Seal

    This stuff if the real deal. Looks almost exactly like my old extreme dynamat but maybe not as thick. The price was unbelievable. A roll cost me $12 and some change so I bought 2. They come in 6 inch by 1 foot rolls. NEVER BUY DYNAMAT AGAIN!

    Started by shicks007‎, 06-07-2004
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,458
    06-07-2004 Go to last post
  33. Peel and Seal (Cheaper alternative to Dynamat and Secondskin)

    Everybody is looking for dampner these, but it costs so much that nobody wants to buy this stuff. All I can say is problem solved!! I read on the General Discussion about a thing called Peel and Seal. All I can say is wow! I bought a tiny role just to check out it's flexibility, stickiness,...

    Started by AsK 5109‎, 05-06-2004
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 10,337
    05-06-2004 Go to last post
  34. Q-Logic Kick Panels

    I installed a pair of Q-Logic kick panels in my 2002 Cavalier. Good points: The color match is dead on. Bad points: I think it is kind of a poor construction design; thin and flimsy. Also there is no back to them. I did not like the fact that I had to cut my factory sill plant to install...

    Started by Trixter‎, 03-04-2004
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    03-04-2004 Go to last post
  35. Light emmiting diodes..

    Ok, after being able to play with like 50 of them I've ordered so many more.. GET some, go to ebay, and buy some.. they cost like so much less than neons and light up tons.. I will be writing an article on lighting for the next issue of momentum, but if you havent already discovered these things,...

    Started by mgaidica‎, 11-26-2003
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    11-26-2003 Go to last post
  36. Only The Best

    My system is for sound clarity. Alpine 9815 CD Player Eclipse AV8022 DVD Player 4AWG throughout (except 12awg nice speaker wire) Focal 165 K2's Fronts Focal TN41 Tweeters JL 5 1/4 Coaxle TR's Rear JL 10W7 in a ported box

    Started by dolefully‎, 09-27-2003
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,934
    09-27-2003 Go to last post

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